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7 Responses to “Contact Form”

  1. John Forster said

    Hi Jasper, I have a couple of original open programmes 1977 & 1969 (Jacklins year) should I keep them and are they worth anything.

    • Jasper Jennings said

      On their own and without any autographs etc. they are worth nothing to speak of, especially in this very flat golfing memorabilia market at the moment. But certainly I would always advocate keeping these things, they will only get more scarce as time passes, if nothing else for the sake of future generations of dealers and collectors!

      • Jasper Jennings said

        FYI I notice that a 1969 Open programme with final round draw sheet signed by Jacklin (in good nick) made £85 at auction on Thursday. An unsigned copy made £40 earlier in the week.

  2. Dan & Nick Raynes Albion prints said

    Hi Jasper,
    Great site by the way, had a realy good look at it today and a few weeks ago. Just out of curiosity were you the gentlman who bought a couple of prints off us on Thurday at Newark Antique Fair?
    Albion Prints

  3. william christian said

    I read with interst your post concerning the two golfing prints for auction at Dreweatts on 20April. Do you have an opinion as to how early the Golfers A Grand match Played OVer St. andrews is…I know there are recent “modern” reproductions but is this one at auction from the early 1850’s issue….I would appreciate any opinion you may have or insight as to how to determine the age(issue) of the print. You gave an excellent oversight on the Blackheath Golfer print I would be grateful if you could do the same for the Grand Match print.
    Best Regards and thanks William Christian

    • Jasper Jennings said

      I have to confess I have not personally viewed the print. With that rather large caveat in mind, from personal experience of Mr. Bobins – and the dealer I suspect sold Bobins the print – I can say with confidence that this will be an early impression in generally good condition. Both men operate with the utmost integrity and strive to acquire the best examples of any given work that they can.
      It bears the correct December 1850 publication imprint for Alexander Hill of Edinburgh, which is the first thing to look for when considering how early the issue is. I cannot comment any further without seeing the engraving, sorry.
      Best of luck.

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