We Offer:

  • Lectures examining the printed image through history: as art and as witness to – and agent of – change
  • Scholarly and general-interest copy, features and content for publication
  • Valuations and appraisals
  • Discreet brokerage and consultancy
  • Commission bidding and buying
  • Cataloguing 
  • No obligation search service

Jasper exhibiting at Olympia, 2014

Looking to dispose of individual items or a collection?

We will advise on optimal sales strategy and manage the whole process to ensure you achieve a satisfactory outcome


Guiding young collectors

For an independent and knowledgeable eye, plus a personal, dedicated service contact

Jasper Jennings

jasper@jenningsprints.com or +44 (0)7832 177 378

And place yourself in the hands of the expert!

2 Responses to “Professional Services”

  1. Caroline Pugsley said


    I have 6 prints dated between 1791and 1795 by John Thane. The prints are after the artists Gasper Poussin, Isaac Moucheron, Jean Linglebach, Barent Appelman, Paul Britt and Jean Both. Four are badly framed, two unframed. Would you be interested in these prints? Can send photos. Thanks

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