I always knew I was cool…

September 1, 2011

A hip young couple browsing my stock last week

First there was Greg Rusedski. And now another good news story from Canada. Just when I had resigned myself to dealing in the most resolutely unfashionable commodities in the entire wide world of antiques I read that Toronto decorative print dealer Elisabeth Legge has never been more hip and cool – she’s even down with the kids!

Whilst uncertain economic times and fluctuating currencies seem to have hit the contemporary art markets harder than others, Legge says young consumers have suddenly rediscovered the aesthetic appeal, desirability and value of her antique prints, maps and pochoir prints.

The former President of the Canadian Antique Dealers Association has a few theories. “I think that we are leaving behind the starkness of the mid-century modern redux. Consumers are realising that it’s okay to collect and display what makes them happy and not what designers and magazines dictate. For the past twenty years we’ve been stuffing our attics with our prized possessions regardless of the fact that they are meaningful to us. Young collectors today are savvy and confident enough to admit that they share the taste of their grandparents – that they had cool stuff.”

My legions of loyal followers know that I have been banging on for years about the relative good value of old prints as compared with other sectors of the art market. If they really are trendy with new collectors then we are witnessing that rarest of beasts – a fusion of head and heart in the art world.

Elisabeth adds that recently she has been “sending prints that we have had in stock for nearly two decades as far away as South Asia and the Channel Islands.” With the fad for minimalism passing, interior designers have apparently been turning to Legge Prints like never before as well.

Halleluiah! Rest assured I will welcome enquiries from potential customers be they 19 or 90.


One Response to “I always knew I was cool…”

  1. Thank you so much for mentioning us in your blog. It is really fun to see younger clients fall in Love with antique prints, just like I did over 25yrs ago.

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